TLDR; I write in English about what others write in code, paying the rent as a high-tech marketing specialist with a penchant for social media and passion for women’s rights.

Name: Halie Green Noble
Job: PR Pro, Marketing Maven, Social Media Queen
Industry: Tech, Software Development & Startups
Hobbies: Arguing with Siri & Petting my cat
Bragging rights: I love my job, city and passions

Tweet with me @HalieNoble
Say hello on LinkedIn

In my relatively short time as a professional raconteur, life changer and publicist, I have discovered my true passion – closing the gender gap in the tech industry and increasing women’s representation in leadership roles across all fields.

As well as volunteering as Girl Develop It‘s Boulder/Denver Community Outreach Coordinator, I lead the social communication efforts for the annual Women In Leadership Development Summit in Westminster, CO.

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